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        NJ系列 機器人集成CPU模組



        Industry first*1: Integrated control of different engines [Industry first *1] [PATENT PENDING *2]

        We are the first in the industry*1 to provide a controller that integrates two very different types of engines— one that works in program scan cycles (PLC feature) and another based on procedural programming (robot feature)—and synchronizes their program tasks and I/O refreshing.
        *1.Based on Omron investigation in November 2019
        *2.As of July 2020

        NJ501-R[][][] 特長 1

        Information accuracy (concurrency)

        Devices such as robots and motion/vision sensors can be connected to an EtherCAT network for synchronized control. This synchronization ensures that the data collected on these devices is concurrent and therefore truly useful for visualizing facility operation.

        NJ501-R[][][] 特長 2

        Easy facility condition visualization enabled by database connection

        The controller can be directly connected to a database without a gateway to easily collect data using a specialized set of instructions.
        This real-time data collection enables better on-site productivity, predictive maintenance, and quality traceability.

        NJ501-R[][][] 特長 3
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